water bottles

Just add water!
I have designed two new water bottles based on the same geometry and design language: a squeezable 500ml bottle with a nozzle and a larger 750ml version with a screw cap. Light, simple and mobile – based on Puma’s design ethos a few points were crucial for these designs…
Both bottles look quite light due to their small diameter. Based on the two volumes I wanted to create two bottles that could be used by people with small hands as well.
the almost cylindric monolithic shapes feel quite simple and have been chosen to have a big, plain printable area to ensure that these bottles can be used and decorated across several seasons.
these waterbottles have been designed to be used out of home – no matter if you just go for a walk or if you sweat in the gym. Both are leak-proof and the 750ml bottle has got a soft silicone ring to easily carry it around…
Client: PUMA / 2012