The Lasts

Identity for a band – as well as a birthday present

As a designer there are still a few dream projects I would love to work on: a wine bottle (or at least the labels), a book cover (for a good and meaningful book) – and a record cover (for a band that I like). And this project is getting close to that…
Recently a friend asked me if I could help him with an invitation for his birthday party. Sure, why not? As he is playing drums in a band he thought about playing a show at this evening so whatever I/we would do, it should be Music/Punk/Rock-related.
There was a band name but he wanted to change it for this one night. Well, that´s the only birthday present I want! Ok, then what’s this new name? The Lasts – quite a clever choice as some of the band members are working in the area of footwear design. So guess what happened? In the end, it wasn’t just the invitation but postcards, posters, buttons, stickers, coasters (DRINK UP!) and t-shirts… and a lot of fun! And by the way, I’m the official band photographer now 😉
for The Lasts (non-profit) / 2015