Identity for a dog-travel portal

I love to work with creative people. And I love to work with friends. And on top of this, I love dogs… So when a friend (he’s a product designer himself) called and told me about his plans to set up an online travel portal that helps people to find the perfect destinations when travelling with their dogs, I was kind of enthusiastic. So he asked me for help and if I could think about a corporate design for his new baby called troggle.
It took me less than a second to say yes and the whole design was done and ready to go within just a few days. No worries about people who could get it wrong that there is a wagging tail coming outside of the suitcase, no strange requests to rework this and change that – I love to work with people who share a certain humor and: who trust a designer. And last but not least this project is perfect to use some of the dog photos I have taken on some trips during the last years…
for troggle (non-profit) / 2015