Les Fripeuses

Upgrade for a vintage boutique

A friend who is running this store together with his girl-
friend asked for my creative support as they wanted to redesign the identity of »Les Fripeuses«.
They wanted to be seen more as a classic and exclusive vintage fashion store than as one of the orange-brown second-hand-stores quoting the sixties & seventies era.
Out of several design routes, from a slightly less seventies-inspired design to a more modern interpretation of a classic luxury fashion brand – they picked my favourite option…
The new logo works well on business cards, hangtags and gift coupons – and so does the redecorated store that has been opened in Geneva in Summer 2012.
At the end, Les Fripeuses have been so excited that they asked me to work on the design for their first own label called »remake« – a collection of renewed, i.e. remade goods that Les Fripeuses wanted to re-assemble and re-design out of used apparel and accessories…
for Les Fripeuses / 2012